Online registration form

Customize the questions that will be asked of your enrollees, request as much data as you need without limits!

You can also charge additional concepts (food, accommodation, merchandising ...) and even create questions that depend on others.

Create registrations by teams and receive them grouped in one payment.

All forms of payment you need

Hand charges are a thing of the past 🙊 receive money from your registrations through POS, bank transfer or PayPal.

You can see whenever you want your income, settlements and invoices. And you will have the money of your inscriptions when you need it.

Registration Management Panel

Manage your registrants from and whenever you want, you only need a device with internet connection!

You can filter your entries as you want and export them in Excel.

And ... you can continue working with your current timekeeper, we are compatible!

Being so customizable,
with AvaiBook Sports you
can cover any need you have
when managing any event

Design the web pages for your sporting events

You will have your own website for your events.
You can use your corporate colors and the typeface that best suits you.
Edit all the test information: news, multimedia files, sponsors ...

100% responsive integration for mobile devices

Perhaps it is no longer necessary to say it, but our registration form adapts to any device in many different ways, all of them adapted to mobile devices: iframe, a button or a link 😊

Send e-mails

You can create personalized email campaigns to send the information you want.
Use your database to report your upcoming events.
And schedule the campaign to send it at any time!

Publish the results of your event!

Publish the list of results with an Excel or PDF.
Configure the filters you want, so participants can easily find their result (by name, categories, club ...)
And also ... design the diplomas that can be downloaded online.

Increase the number of entries 😎

Collect registrations from shops or other places that collaborate with your event.
You can also enter and edit entries manually and without limitations.
Offer your VIPs other registration methods and special discounts.

Management and assignment of bib numbers

You can assign the numbers manually or automatically
Your enrollees will be able to see and share their virtual number on their social networks thanks to our tool (#MyBibNumber)
Send an email with the assigned number and all the data for collection!


But wait, there's more!


Download AvaiBook Sports BibApp to deliver numbers without long lines.

Generate registration vouchers with the validity and use that you decide.

Issue invoices to your registrants with the data you need.

Visualize statistics in real time with the evolution of the inscriptions to your event: there are a thousand options!

Get extra promotion and diffusion with our virilization tools.

And we will help you in whatever you need.

Wanting to know more?