Since you create an event in AvaiBook Sports, you have a web page that you can customize as you need

Full website

It is very simple to configure and customize it to your liking.
Update it whenever you want!
And you will also have it for free.

Customize all the information

Create the events with all the information you need (name, date, poster ...)
Set up all contact options for participants (email, social networks ...)
Add information files available for download.

Design it in the way that best suits your event

Use your logos, your corporate colors and the typeface that best represents you on the website of your event
Add a header image, background and upload the official poster of the test.
Create custom sections on each page to add the content you want.


Avaibooksports Recommendation!


Use all the options available on our platform: upload news, create quality content and position your website among the first search engines. In addition, if you design a poster for your event, it is important that it attracts attention, your enrollees will share it on their social networks, and you will reach more people!


Do you need anything else to decide?